Meet Vayeron

Creators of the world's only Smart-Idler™

About Us

Vayeron is an OEM technology company based in Sydney, Australia. We are focused on providing intelligent solutions to industrial productivity challenges, particularly in the mining sector.

Vayeron is a pioneer in the field of applying innovative ‘Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)’ technology for vibration analysis and condition monitoring of bearings and shafts.


Vayeron will successfully commercialise our flagship product – Smart-Idler™. Vayeron will entrench this technology in belt conveyor best practice and ensure that the Smart-Idler™ becomes an industry standard technology.


Vayeron strives to become a globally renowned technology innovator through the development of useful products which allow industries to maximise efficiencies and therefore reduce operational costs.





Vayeron was founded in mid 2014, after two years of collaboration between an electronics design engineer from Sydney,
and a mechanical engineer from the Bowen Basin coal fields of Queensland.


Originality – Forge our own path and create new solutions.

Integrity – Do the above whilst considering the customer’s best interests.

Efficiency – Waste undermines longevity.

Sustainability – All of the above ensures that we are successful in the long term.

Never worry about your idlers again.