Patent Pending technology intelligently monitors your conveyor Idlers 24/7

Smart-Idler™ Technology

Smart-Idler™ is built from the ground up on innovative state-of-the-art technology. It directly monitor’s the key characteristics of your roller bearings and is the first product in the world to actively measure shell wear in order to holistically predict roller failure well in advance. The Smart-Idler™ provides you with an accurate, real-time view of the state of your conveyor rollers right from the safety of your control room and instantly alerts you to any problem areas.

Smart-Idler™ is completely wireless. It harvests power directly from the rotation of your rollers and relays data via a radio network. There is no special wiring of your conveyor. Simply drop-in a roller embedded with the Smart-Idler™ instead of your conventional rollers, add a gateway and you’re off and running! Smart-Idler™ incorporates useful features such as RFID asset tagging and also provides advanced information such as install date, asset location, rotational counts, RPM etc. Best of all – Smart-Idler™ has been designed to be rugged, low-cost and easy to install. It seamlessly integrates with the roller of your choice.

Smart Features

Realtime 24/7 Monitoring

Holistic Sensing

Accurate Measurement

Remote Monitoring

Easy Installation

Suits most roller brands

SCADA or Cloud Based GUI

Designed for easy install within the roller

Turns ordinary rollers into smart rollers

Smart Capabilities

Vibration Sensing

Shell Wear Detection

Temperature Sensing

RPM Sensing


No Batteries

Acoustic Sensing

“The Smart-Idler™ technology is the biggest disruption to the field of conveyor condition monitoring this decade. The ability to comprehensively monitor every roller in a conveyor system and have all information automatically sent to the control room is revolutionary.”

– Ryan Norris, Vayeron CEO

Never worry about your idlers again.