Why Smart-Idler™

Vayeron’s Smart-Idler™ converts conveyor rollers into something far smarter.

Do conveyor rollers cause your facility production delays?

Conveyor rollers are often the leading cause of belt damage & hazardous heating.

Smart-Idler™ is the solution to your conveyor roller problems!

Convert your conveyor rollers into something far smarter

The Smart-Idler™ is installed internal to the roller at the time the roller is manufactured. The Smart-Idler™ intelligently monitors the key characteristics of the roller to predict and instantly report a failure…

Key benefits of Smart-Idler™

Vayeron’s Smart-Idler™ will revolutionise your mining operations.

Reduce Downtime

Smart-Idler™ is designed to automatically monitor and report the deteriorating ‘health’ of conveyor rollers.

The system works around the clock to ensure that you are notified of a pending roller failure so that you can act during your planned maintenance windows.

Reduce Damage

Smart-Idler™ monitors your conveyor rollers in real-time, alerting you instantly when a roller fails, so that you can take immediate action to avoid situations which can lead to costly conveyor damage.

Simplify Maintenance

Eliminate block roller change-outs. This wasteful practice of replacing whole sections of rollers as a mitigating strategy to avoid roller failure and the resultant damage is a thing of the past with Smart-Idler™.

Efficiently direct your maintenance personnel to the specific rollers which need to be changed.

Improve Safety

The less time your personnel spend around an operating conveyor, the better! Smart-Idler™ does your monitoring for you, so that people don’t have to – Lowering exposure to the elements, noise and rotating machinery.

Smart-Idler™ is the only technology which will continuously monitor every conveyor roller bearing and reduce the possibility of fire on your conveyor system.

Smart-Idler™ in the Hierarchy of Control

substitutes intensive
manual labour


automated remote monitoring
of your rollers, removing people
from the conveyor and eliminating
hazardous bearing temperatures.

Never worry about your idlers again.